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Is credit insurance right for your business?

"Euler Hermes provides us with a vast amount of resources."

"It's an insurance policy as well as a credit department. The company works with us to get the best coverage for our accounts and cover us if a loss does happen – 
that’s where the value comes from."

Industry: Produce 
Client: Del Campo Supreme

"Companies in our industry are often faced with unexpected bankruptcies, caused by sudden price swings and changes in consumer behavior. Instead of remaining exposed to payment risks, we’ve decided to trust Euler Hermes with our credit insurance policy - now we are secured in the event of non-payment and we know whether we should offer credits to certain companies."

"We had a customer from South Korea that placed a very large order. Although we felt it was risky to extend him the credit, we didn’t want to lose this deal. That’s why we decided to call Euler Hermes - they insured the transaction and gave us the coverage we needed to land the customer. And it was just the beginning of our cooperation!"

Industry: Automotive 
Client: International Fleet Sales

"Due to the Great Recession, we watched 65% of our industrial customers disappear, while margins contracted and nonpayment risks increased. We needed a solution to help protect our existing customer base, and that solution came from Euler Hermes. This product is more than just insurance - this is an opportunity to optimize your business."

Industry: Lumber  
Client: Specialty Forest Products

Why Euler Hermes?

Gain the confidence to safely and aggressively grow sales with new and existing customers.

Secure better bank financing and borrowing terms with security that trade credit insurance provides.

Use our proprietary knowledge to pick the right customers and make the best business decisions.

Protect against bad debt loss and get paid for what you sell when your customers fail to pay their bills.

Get Paid for What You Do.

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Bad debts happen, even with the most conservative credit management strategy. By partnering with Euler Hermes, we’ll collect your current commercial debt and guarantee your future credit limits against bad debt loss so you never have to worry about collections again.

When you protect your accounts receivable against loss with a new credit insurance policy with Euler Hermes, you can also place unlimited debt collection accounts at our standard customer rate of 15%.

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